Running Buddy Opportunities

Site Running Buddy:

Site running buddies are present at a site/location to encourage the girls during their warm-up and workout sessions. Running buddies must attend a site in a consistent manner, but are not responsible for facilitating any of the curriculum lessons.

Community 5K Running Buddy

Community 5K running buddies attend the community 5K and encourage the girls while celebrating their accomplishments of completing a 5K. Running buddies are walkers, joggers and runners. The Spring Community 5K is at the beginning of May. The Fall Community 5K is at the end of October.

All Running Buddies must fill out a volunteer application and pass a background check.

Running buddies needed May 6th for the Hornet Run 5K. SIGN UP HERE,

To become a Running Buddy:

Please contact Melissa Bixby: 208-388-4687 or