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Summer Smoothies!

Before heading out for your next run or as a refresher when you get home, try one of these smoothies to cool you down!   Antioxidant Smoothie: Prep Time: 10 minutes Yields: 1 serving 1 cup blueberries 1 cup blackberries 4 cups packed spinach leaves 1-2 cups water   Place all ingredients into a powerful […]

Thank YOU!

Hi SoleMates! As the end of the GOTR season approaches, we are talking about volunteering and giving back to your community. One of the things we are talking about with our girls is that GOTR is primarily a volunteer-based organization. The board of directors, interns, service learning students, research team, and coaches all participate in […]

So You Want to be a Runner…

That was me in grad school. My dad had been an avid runner when I was a child and I decided if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me. So I purchased a cheap treadmill, cheap running shoes and took off! Well… not quite. Take it from me. Here are […]

Staying Active When It’s Cold Outside

Hi SoleMates, GOTR Fall season is over. So I thought I’d send you off with some cross-training and fun family winter activities. Here are some ideas for Family Winter Fun! 1)      Figure Skating 2)      Skiing 3)      Sledding 4)      Snowboarding 5)      Snow Sculpture & Statuary Contest (a.k.a. who can build the best Snowman) 6)      Snowshoeing 7)      […]

Great Running Snack that Doubles as a Dessert!

Hi SoleMates, Let me introduce you to my Date and Nut Delight. Here goes: 1 cup raw, pitted dates 1 cup nuts of your choice (I like walnuts in mine) .5 cup cocoa nibs Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend. Form into balls or bars. Store in the fridge until you head […]

What’s Going on in GOTR this week?

The girls just ran their official 5K! We couldn’t be more excited and happy for them. Do you remember the anticipation of your first race? I do. OTf course, I ran Robie Creek for my first race. Not the smartest move ever… Anyway, this week in GOTR, we’re talking about race recovery. Here are the […]

How to Make Your Own Nutbutter

Eating a healthy diet comprised of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and at least 20-25% fat will help ensure that your hormones are happy. Because we want to stay away from the artificial hormones and saturated fats found in many animal products, one of the best sources of healthy fats are nuts. Here are […]

What’s Going On in GOTR This Week?

Hi SoleMates! This week is our GOTR practice 5K. It will be the first time the girls have attempted 3.1 miles. Some of them are really excited and some are petrified at the thought of going that distance. The GOTR coaches do their best to keep the girls motivated, but depending on the girl, the […]

What to Eat Pre- or Post-Run When Your Stomach Doesn’t Want Food

Sometimes my stomach is not in the mood for food before or after my long run, yet I know I need to eat something to replace my glycogen stores and ensure my muscle stores are topped off with protein. Here’s my fix: a green smoothie. It’s easy on the stomach, has the right 3:1 or […]

Lessons Learned on a Summer Run

A quick jaunt into the foothills today turned into an hour and a half hot mess. Why? I broke these three cardinal rules of running: Always know where you’re going – I’d run Polecat Loop before – once, two years ago. My memory for the trail conditions and length were way off. Take water – […]